Pasta With Fresh Tomato Sauce and Ricotta Recipe (2024)



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Sue Llewellyn

The sauce is splendid, as is the whole dish. Until I read some of the comments below, however, I had NO idea "we" were supposed to frown on farfalle/bowties--or that they had the remotest connection to Betty Crocker recipes! Oddio--where will our snobbery take us next?!


Love pasta and stopped making it a couple of years ago to cut down on white carbs. Did not like whole wheat at all. Few months ago discovered brown rice and quinoa pasta at Trader Joe's. Back to loving and eating a favorite food! It's delicious...


Oh, Brian, you've been missing out if you're not using bow ties. The Silver Spoon pasta book has a whole chapter for them, Marcella Hazan used them, a favorite (Italian) pasta cookbook I bought in Florence has 5 recipes for them (with lemon, with mushrooms and cheese, with scallops and asparagus) and hey, what's wrong with Betty Crocker anyway. I love how the bows capture the sauce plus the little knob in the center of the bow always stays just a bit more al dente and chewy.


I like to keep the carbs low, too. So in this dish I used half linguine and half spiralized zucchini. I placed the raw, spiralized zucchini in my colandar first, poured the cooked pasta with its hot water on top of it, and drained both together. Then I swirled them together in the buttered pan. That method cooked the zucchini just enough, without overcooking it.


As an Italian growing up, we called it bow tie. Nothing wrong with that and I come from a very Italian family.


Call it farfalle and maybe you will feel different.


Try instead reducing the sauce at high heat, it should take less than 10 min., and preserves the fresh character of the tomatoes.

Mary Porter

After reading all the comments I did what I usually do, which is chop up the tomatoes and put them in the pan (including seeds and skin) with the other ingredients. I cooked it hard for about 20 mins and then put the whole thing through the food mill. Then I reduced it some more. It was excellent.

Tom Who

Lots of people still do! It's an excellent shape for sauce to collect in the tufts of the pasta. Plus it looks pretty.


I do! Am I not supposed to? Sorry, I never got the memo.


In my humble opinion, much of Italian cooking is graced with personal tweaks. I LOVE these recipes from NYTimes because they provide endless inspiration and guidance. It's the best of both worlds for me...I'm a devoted Foodie and cook and there is always something to learn. Rock on you NYTimes chefs...and hoping my tomatoes will be good enough for this recipe but living in Western Washington makes growing great tomatoes tricky. But onward and ever hopeful!


you can make your own, it's fairly easy or so i've heard. at my regular grocery store the only ricotta they have is generic and one name brand that i would use in stuffed shells or lasagna but not something like this. so, i turn to whole foods. usually by the cheese counter they have some locally made ricotta. there is totally a difference in taste in texture. the few times i've bought it i've had to resist eating half the container with a spoon :)

Marie Ascher

Honestly making your own ricotta is so easy I don't think I'll ever buy it again.


yes, needed at least 30 to 45 minutes to get tomato sauce to the right consistency. Great sauce, one of the very best - "fresh from the garden" tasting.

Archie Goodwin

You want to replace the creaminess of the ricotta and the nuttiness/sharpness of the pecorino, so perhaps Greek yogurt instead of ricotta (seasoned with a little olive oil, salt & pepper) and toasted pistachio nuts or breadcrumbs.


This is one the best recipes to go to when your summer tomatoes are overtaking your garden… don’t change a thing as this is absolutely delicious as specified!


My favorite way to eat farfalle. Why are such simple pastas always the best?

Deb Parent

Early October abundance of juicy Cherokee or Better Boy tomatoes best use for a cooler early Fall day. Easy method. Husband and I decided this was best fresh sauce ever with natural sweetness (sorry Nona Spiga!). Used rigatoni pasta (only needed 12 oz, not entire pound) and added some buffalo mozzarella cheese at the end that needed to be used up.


So simple and delicious. Thank you for that.


Made this with Tanis' Quick Fresh Tomato Sauce! Fantastic recipe and sauce. I usually make "Sunday Sauce" in the winter, and this one resulted in a couple of neighbors knocking on my door. Everyone raved over the recipe. Thank you Mr. Tanis for a great recipe. Froze leftover sauce (the pasta was devoured) and now have enough for a couple of winter dinners.


This sauce is delicious as is! I’m busy making batches, with bountiful and beautiful end-of-summer tomatoes, and freezing them. My go-to ricotta is homemade, following Ina Garten’s very simple recipe.


Takes at least 15-20 min to cook down

Richard X

If your tomatoes are very juicy.

condiment queen

The sauce make this dish really sing.


Took far longer than written, but delicious. I made sure to finish cooking the pasta in the sauce.


This tasted better than I ever could’ve imagined. For sauce, I ended up with about half the amount of tomato pulp but used the full amount of everything else in the sauce recipe (half a box of pasta). Utterly incredible. Use good ricotta.


Delicious!! Made it camping which was surprisingly easy! I forgot to add the tomato paste, but it doesn't feel like it's missing anything!


This was crazy delicious. I used fresh ricotta from the cheese monger and garnished with lemon zest and fennel pollen. Even the kiddo devoured it and asked for seconds!


I used fresh cherry tomato instead of the sauce and it was so delicious!


This an amazing dish with the fresh tomato sauce, but don’t skip it just because you don’t have time to make sauce. We had it tonight using Rao’s store bought marinara and it was also delicious!


Perfect weeknight vegetarian pasta dish. Can be made with canned/crushed tomatoes according to the same sauce recipe too for a lazier/cheaper version. The results are almost as delicious!

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Pasta With Fresh Tomato Sauce and Ricotta Recipe (2024)
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