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Welcome to theLegend of Krystal Rebirth Walkthrough,where we explore all the secrets to ace the game. We will guide you through the highest levels of the game to unlock all the scenes. So, gear up to embrace the unknown, conquer excitement, and unleash the thrill within!


GAME MECHANICS– Legend of Krystal Rebirth Guide & Walkthrough

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Apart from the Battleship, the current game map could be divided into three main areas:

West Forest


It consists of the ship landing area (five screens that form a loop) and a ‘C’ shaped path that communicates with the bottom loop by its lower central part. The Village West Gate is at the upper end of the ‘C’ path.



Is formed by three horizontal levels, upper, middle and bottom.

The upper level could be considered the higher class and ‘government’ area, where the Chieftain and the Shaman live, and the logistics tents are located.

The middle level is where most of the households are located, along with both guard posts and the village West and East ‘gates’.

The lower level is mostly occupied by males and females that either prefer to live in a communal environment or are not mature enough to have the right to mount their own tent. In addition to the communal tents, both the Nursery and the Tavern are located at this level.

East Forest


It forks into two levels. The upper part ends at the berry trails, which will be fully implemented in future versions, and the lower right side is the location of the waterfront. This whole area will be expanded in the future.



Whether the MC moves at walking or running speed can be controlled in the following ways:

1. Single-Click to walk or Double-Click to run (walk mode)

2. Single-Click or Double-Click to run (run mode)

Both walk/run modes can be switched with the CAPS LOCK key.

Fast Travel


When the game proper starts (after the Chieftain intro) you get a map from Nesi.

You can bring up this map by pressing the TAB key. Note that it won’t be activated while in cutscenes, conversations and some special circ*mstances. In the latter case you’ll get a “Map unavailable” notification, meaning that you’ll need to progress further into the current event or task, even if there’s no indication of one currently running.

When it is available, all marked locations in the map could be clicked over to fast travel to that area.

Not all game locations have an icon to travel to, but you should be able to get to any destination by a short trip from the nearest travel point. This is intended.

Destinations for the Western and Eastern Dwellings have been added.

< Stats >


The game, at its current state, we make use of three statistics: Respect, Lust and Submission.

Their values will go from 0 to 1000. Each one-hundred you gain could be considered a milestone, so we can also talk about ‘levels’. For example, Lust 255 is equal to Lust Level 2.

To take a look at their current values you can bring up the Status Screen with the Esc key.

When you gain or lose any number of points, a pop-up notification will show up at the bottom of the screen, for five seconds. Also, when you reach a new level (the next hundred points of a stat), a notification will also show up for some seconds.

For example, if the MC does a handjob to Cenvir at Lust 200 (for the first time), she will gain 10 Lust points up to 210. The second and following times she will gain the half up to 225, which is the maximum for that kind of action and also the minimum for the next one. Further actions of that type, even lewder variations due to a higher Lust Level, won’t give additional Lust points. Therefore, only the lewdest action available will add points to your stats.

Also note that recurrent actions of the same type will usually give less points than the first time the MC does them with a given NPC and/or event chain.

This is implemented to guarantee coherent stats progression, so you can’t level up the MC to Lust 1000 just by doing handjobs.

Please note that in 0.3, Respect is still not implemented and Submission partially done so.



It will be a measure of how well considered you are in the Razorclaw clan. In other words: your ranking among them.

The nature of your jobs will change according to this stat, so only by doing ‘lesser’ tasks you’ll be able to unlock more desirable and ‘glamorous’ ones. Therefore, this could be considered the most important stat for progressing along the main storyline. Remember you’re supposed to gain the Chieftain’s trust and respect for him to lend you aid in your mission objective.

It is not properly implemented right now. When it is, you’ll see dialogue options leading to a Respect gain colored in yellow.

<If you have suggestions about future tasks, we’ll be happy to hear them!>



This stat measure how open the MC is to consensual sex.

Both words ‘open’ and ‘consensual’ are important to understand its real nature. That is, Lust 1000 (the maximum) would mean that she absolutely loves to be gang-banged on a daily basis, but…:

a) …she does NOT *need* it, and…

b) …she won’t do it with partners she doesn’t LIKE.

In other words, the MC won’t turn into a huge sex-addicted nymphomaniac brain-washed bimbo if you raise this stat. It will only give you more options to act upon most sexual events in the game, because the MC feels better about doing them for her own pleasure.

Now, according to how lewd the proposed sex act is and MC’s current Lust Level, the player will find the corresponding accepting response option marked in red (available) or deep red (unavailable), along with the always available reject response option.

If the accepting response is available, four kinds of reactions are possible:

1. Reluctant

2. Agree

3. Enjoy

4. Love it

If Lust Level is just high enough for the MC accept doing it, a reluctant dialogue/event will play out. This will usually be the first iteration of the aforementioned sex event type the player will get to see.

Next events could also be a reluctant variation, until you get a higher Lust Level than needed for just reluctantly accepting. When that happens, the next iteration will result into a more ‘agreeable’ MC that in turn will reflect in dialogue, expressions and possibly a lewder version of the event itself.

This system continues to modify recurring events as you gain more Lust Levels. It could take one to three more levels to pass from ‘Agree’ to ‘Enjoy’, and ‘Enjoy’ to ‘Love it’, respectively.

Future versions will introduce items to temporarily modify effective Lust. Alcoholic beverages, aphrodisiac berries or potions, etc., would be among predictable examples that, depending on their strength, would raise entire Lust Levels for a given period of time.

On a final note, Lust value will also be considered to evaluate how comfortable the MC will be about partial or full nudity and revealing outfits that will become available to her as the game progresses.



This stat will measure MC’s willpower, self-esteem and compliance to other people requests.

Its main purpose is to determine whether the MC will meekly accept to get involved in sexual acts that she doesn’t feels comfortable enough at her current Lust Level, or when she dislikes her potential partner.

In other words, it will be the main stat of the slavery alternate story, when it is finally implemented. In that story, the MC will meet a far more ruthless Razorclaw clan which will treat her as a trophy and abuse her in every possible way. Whether she has fun or not while being drilled from day one, will be of no real consequence.

However, in the main storyline, where she’s treated more or less well, Submission will play two roles…:

1. For sexual actions that she would normally accept at her current Lust level, a “kinkier” variant would be available in some instances. In these cases, the choices will be colored pink to symbolize a mix between Lust (red) and Submission (purple). She will enjoy the encounter.

2. For sexual actions that she wouldn’t accept based on her current Lust level (because she doesn’t like her partner or they only want to degrade her), only an adequate amount of pure Submission will make those (purple) choices available. She will not enjoy the encounter, with some exceptions at very high levels (when she’s “broken”, basically).

Also, take into account that kinky roleplay or pretending to be dominated (when she’s actually loving it) will only take you so far in the Submission progression tree.

STORY PROGRESSION – Legend of Krystal Rebirth Guide & Walkthrough


< Main storyline >


In this story, the MC is supposed to improve relations with the Chieftain and the top ranking Razorclaw members, so they help her in capturing the Lust Demon.

Up to this version, the MC can’t do other thing than trying to keep fed by helping with unskilled tasks thrown at her, as the tribe’s food reserves are virtually non-existent.

Also, Respect is not implemented in a meaningful way yet, so there’s no chance for her to advance into the main storyline.

There are two tasks currently available to the player in 0.3:

– Meiri’s firewood gathering: gather six fallen branches in the “loop” starting area.

– Eri’s pot washing: take a heavy pot to the waterfront to wash it.

Both of them could be completed by just doing the work and earning Respect. Also, both of them include ways of getting involved in optional lewd events.

< Side storylines >


Events described here are not supposed to be mandatory for the main storyline progressing. However, this could change in the future if deemed necessary for plot coherence purposes.

“Pot Guy”


You find this guard at the East Outskirts while doing the Eri’s pot washing task. The current chance of encountering him is 100%, though we may reduce it in the future.

It seems common that players mistake him for Sek, who is further into the East Forest. His name is Galdryn, though this is not mentioned in current dialogue.

He offers his help to carry the huge pot to the waterfront, which saves the player an extra cutscene of her pulling the thing for two more screens and gives extra Respect points as long as the MC didn’t already go too further into sex acts with him.

Currently, he asks for…:

1. A “kiss”

2. Letting the MC to be groped

3. A handjob

4. A titjob

These scenes require 0, 150, 200 and 250 Lust, respectively. The maximum Lust you can get with him is 300.

Additionally, you can gain 10 points of Submission if you accept his (very brief) verbal abuse in his titjob repeating scene.

On a personal note, I don’t really like his progression system, so it might be a good candidate for a rework in the future.

Cenvir – Legend of Krystal Rebirth Guide & Walkthrough


He’s Meiri’s mate and already put his sights on the MC at the Meet NPCs initial quest.

His horniness is unusually high, even for lizard folk standards, and that summed to the fact that his mate Meiri, is a workaholic, puts him in a difficult situation to keep his urges under control.

If the player fails Meiri’s firewood gathering task two times, she will be asked to please Cenvir in exchange for her failure not being reported to the Chieftain, with the consequent Respect loss. From then on, this option will be offered every time she fails the task.

Minimal Lust to accept her proposal is 150, but the effective Lust required to accept Cenvir’s requests start at 200.

His progression follows this scheme…:

1. Handjob. She can accept at Lust 200, gaining points up to 225.

2. Footjob. She can accept at 225, gaining points up to 250.

3. Asks her to remove her bodysuit. She can accept at 240.

4. Asks her to masturbat* while doing the footjob. She can accept at 250, gaining points up to 275.

5. Titjob. She can accept at 275, gaining points up to 300.

6. “blowj*b”. She can accept at 300, licking him first, and sucking his dick tip in recurrent iterations, gaining points up to 325.

7. Better blowj*b. She can accept at 325, gaining points up to 350.

8. Deepthroat attempt. She can accept at 350, gaining points up to 375, which is the maximum in version 0.3.

In further deepthroat attempts, she can play along with Cenvir dominating roleplay and gain Submission points, up to 300. To fully playout this event, she needs to make three consecutive pink (mild sub) dialogue choices. Depending on her current Submission, she can accept a first choice (gaining 10 points), a second one (another 10 points; needs 30 to accept) and a third one (another 20 points, needs 100 to accept).

After a successful first sex action, Cenvir will ask her to perform a lewder action the next time they start the event. As she won’t probably have enough Lust points to accept, the player will be forced to refuse and decide what (if any) previous sex action to perform on him. Note that only the lewdest recurring action will give further Lust points to advance to the next one.

Note also that, when you go from Lust level 2 to level 3, lewder interactions will be available for level 2 actions, in which she will be more agreeable to them.

Eri – Legend of Krystal Rebirth Guide & Walkthrough

Sek’s mate and an old bitch. She only cares about Sek (in very possessive way) and her current and past social rank. Interactions with her won’t be pleasant in the least.

She gives you the (unfair) daily job of taking a huge cooking pot to the waterfall and wash it without any help. If you fail the task and ask her if you could do another thing instead, she suggests you to “put your tongue to good use”.

To give in to her blackmail, you need a minimum of 300 Submission points. No amount of Lust is necessary as this is considered a pure submissive event.

There are three similar iterations of this scene in 0.3:

1. Introductory event: you lick her puss* with your clothes on.

2. Repetitions until 350 Sub: the same thing with you fully naked.

3. Another repeating dialogue variation until 399 Sub.

You always gain 10 Submission points in these events.

Please note that this progression is going to be changed in a future version, as there were supposed to be more scenes in this tier with Eri (run out of time).

Legend of Krystal Rebirth Guide & Walkthrough - Gaming Hypes (2024)
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