Full resource guide for The Center in Ark Survival Ascended (2024)

If you want to get ahead in The Center in Ark Survival Ascended, you’ll need to know precisely where all of the resources you’ll need are.

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Table of contents

  • All resource locations in Ark Survival Ascended The Center
    • Metal Deposit locations
    • Rich Metal Deposit locations
    • River Rock locations
    • Obsidian Deposit locations
    • Crystal Deposit locations
    • Oil Rock locations
    • Silica Deposit locations

All resource locations in Ark Survival Ascended The Center

There are seven resource deposit types in Ark Survival Ascended The Center for you to harvest from, aside from the obvious trees and stone. I’ll be going over what you’re looking for and where they appear the most as well as their general spread around the map.

Metal Deposit locations

Metal deposits have many dense hotspots that you’ll want to travel to in The Center. They look similar to normal stone rocks, although they have a silver pattern wrapping around them.

Here are the best spots for Metal harvesting:

  • The Snowy Mountains (west of the map)
  • The Center island (big floating island in the middle of the swamp, west of the map)
  • Lava Biome and Lava Cave (volcanic island, north of the map)

Note that on the Center Island, you’ll find them primarily top layer.

You will also find plenty of Metal Deposits around the jungle and tropical islands in the middle and east of the map, so don’t fret if you’ve stationed your base there.

The Snowy Grasslands (large landmass to the west) has lots of Metal Deposits lined along the west coast, with some concentrated near the body of water in the middle.

At the south of the map, in the Redwood Biome, are some metal deposits but they’re rather scattered.

Rich Metal Deposit locations

Rich Metal Deposits simply have more metal than the regular ones, although they look exactly the same, so you won’t be able to tell which are which. They share the same spots as regular Metal Deposits, so you’ll be unwittingly stumbling into them.

Rich Metal Deposits aren’t present on the Lava Biome or in The Center, however, where there are huge concentrations of regular Metal Deposits.

You’ll find lots of Rich Metal Deposits on the mountains and in the southern Redwood Biome and in the jungle and tropical islands, to decent concentration.

So if you’re looking specifically for more rewarding Metal Deposits, then head to those locations and you’ll find you’ll be getting more Metal than usual.

River Rock locations

River Rock will give you Stone when mined and is a brown-red color. It is found exclusively in the middle strip of the map (excluding the tropical islands to the east). They don’t really have a difference from regular stone, but some players may be looking out for them.

River Rock, funnily enough, is only present on the borders of bodies of water. For this reason, you’ll find many in the central jungle islands wherever there is water, and along the coasts and banks of the Snowy Grasslands (large landmass to the left with the mountains). There is also a long line of River Rock surrounding The Center.

It is tricky to differentiate these rocks from regular stone, and for the most part, they’ll be giving you the same drops, anyway. So don’t sweat it.

Obsidian Deposit locations

Obsidian is a rarer resource, found from what look like black chunks of glass or stone. They are pretty small and can blend in with their environment, so keep your eyes peeled.

You will primarily find Obsidian surrounding the water of The Center in the Snowy grasslands (around the large circular body of water in the west). You will also find a much bigger concentration of Obsidian in the Lava Biome, especially in the Lava Cave.

Some Obsidian can be found in dots around the map, but only in a few locations. They aren’t worth searching after for large Obsidian gains.

Crystal Deposit locations

Crystals are generally smaller formations that don’t seem to appear anywhere Metal Deposits aren’t. Seriously, where there’s a Metal hotspot, there’s a Crystal hotspot. Where Metal is scarcer, Crystals are scarcer. And not just generally near each other, but Crystal Deposits spawn in right next to Metal Deposits.

This means that they’re rather common, and you can harvest them alongside Metal.

The only exception to this is the Snowy Grasslands. The larger landmass to the east (the plains between and around the mountains) does not feature any crystals whatsoever, despite hosting Metal.

Oil Rock locations

Oil Rock has a much more distinct look compared to the other resources, as they are layered chunks that stick out of their environment. Oil Rock has very interesting spawn locations.

For the most part, Oil Rock spawns underwater. You will find a huge abundance of Oil Rock between the central jungle islands and the southern Redwood biome. That stretch of Oil Rock also extends to the eastern sea and even up north – between the jungle islands and the northern volcanic island.

You will also find lots of Oil Rock atop the western mountains and inside the swamp in The Center. A grouping of Oil Rock can also be found in the large iceberg to the west, in the Snowy Grasslands. It is much easier to find oil on the surface, I’d say it isn’t worth going underwater just for some Oil.

Silica Deposit locations

In Ark Survival Ascended The Center, Silica are little pearl beads found in the water. They share very similar spawning patterns to Oil Rock – wherever there is water, there is likely an abundance of Silica.

Although Silica is incredibly hard to spot, being inside of those clams that you must gather, they can easily be missed. I always hate hunting for Silica, so bring as much patience as you can when you go for a swim.

Oil Rock will be a pretty good indication that Silica is nearby, however.

Now that you know where to find each resource in Ark Survival Ascended The Center, you will be well-equipped for when you go to seek out the Artifacts.

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Full resource guide for The Center in Ark Survival Ascended (2024)
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