10 Creative Cheerleader Goodie Bag Ideas to Wow Your Squad! (2024)

Cheerleading is an exciting, high-energy activity that requires a lot of preparation and spirit. Whether you’re a coach creating cheer goodie bags for your squad, or a parent putting together gifts for the cheerleading competition season, choosing the right elements for your cheerleader goodie bags is essential. These bags can be made up of multiple items that are both practical and fun. Here are some essential, personalized, game day, budget-friendly, and non-traditional cheerleader goodie bag ideas to get you started.

1. Essential Items for Cheerleader Goodie Bags

Pom-poms and Megaphones: What is cheerleading without some good old-fashioned pom-poms and megaphones? You can include colorful pom-poms and mini megaphones your cheerleaders can use to rally their team and show support. These items can be customized with your team’s colors and name.

Hair Ties and Ribbons: Cheerleading requires a lot of jumping and moving, so it’s essential to keep your hair neat and tidy with hair ties and ribbons in your team’s color.

Lip Balm and Moisturizers: Protect your lips and skin from the sun and wind with lip balm and moisturizers. Choose products with a light and non-sticky texture that won’t affect their performance.

Water Bottles and Energy Bars: Cheerleading can be intense and exhausting, so keeping your squad hydrated and energized is vital. You can include water bottles in your team’s color and some energy bars to keep them going.

Hand Sanitizers and Wet Wipes: Having hand sanitizers and wet wipes is useful, especially during the pandemic. Keeping your hands clean and free from germs can help stop the spread of viruses.

2. Personalized Cheerleader Goodie Bags

Custom T-Shirts and Hoodies: Show off your team spirit with custom t-shirts and hoodies. You can personalize them with your team’s logo and each member’s name.

Monogrammed Backpacks and Tote Bags: You can make your team feel extra special by including monogrammed backpacks and tote bags. These are practical items they can use for carrying their cheer gear and other essentials.

Name Tags and Keychains: Personalize your cheerleader goodie bags with name tags and keychains. You can create name tags with each member’s name and attach them to keychains with a pom-pom or megaphone charm.

Cheerleading Pins and Jewelry: Add some sparkle to your cheerleader goodie bags with cheerleading pins and jewelry. Choose ones that match your team’s colors and are affordable.

Cheerleading Megaphone Decals: Decorate your squad’s megaphones with megaphone decals. These can be customized with your team’s name, logo, and colors.

3. Cheerleader Goodie Bags for Game Day

Noise Makers and Whistles: Get the crowd fired up with noise makers and whistles. These can be used during breaks to create hype and excitement.

Temporary Tattoos and Face Paint: Show off your team spirit with temporary tattoos and face paint in your team’s colors. Your cheerleaders can wear these during the game to show their support.

Concession Stand Coupons and Gift Cards: Treat your squad to some delicious snacks with concession stand coupons and gift cards. You can get them at a discounted price and help them save money.

Pre-Game Snacks and Drinks: Keep your squad fueled up for the game with pre-game snacks and drinks. This can include protein bars, fruits, and sports drinks.

Gatorade and First Aid Kits: Keep your team hydrated and prepared for any injuries with Gatorade and first aid kits. These can be useful in case of accidents and can help avoid any possible harm.

4. Budget-Friendly Cheerleader Goodie Bag Ideas

DIY Pom-Poms and Megaphones: You can save money by making DIY pom-poms and megaphones with materials you have at home. You can use tissue paper, cardboard, and stick glue to create fun and colorful pom-poms.

Personalized Water Bottle Labels: You can create customized water bottle labels using free online templates and your team’s logo or name. These can be easily printed and glued to any water bottle.

Homemade Trail Mix and Energy Bars: Make your own trail mix and energy bars with affordable ingredients like oats, nuts, and dried fruits. These homemade snacks can be healthier and cheaper than store-bought ones.

Printable Name Tags and Gift Cards: Create printable name tags and gift cards using free online templates. These can be customized with your team’s logo, name, and colors.

Small, Affordable Gifts like Hair Ties and Lip Balm: You can include small and affordable gifts like hair ties and lip balm in your cheerleader goodie bags. These items can be useful and practical for everyday use.

5. Fun, Non-Traditional Cheerleader Goodie Bags

Bubble Wands and Beach Balls: Have some fun and include bubble wands and beach balls in your cheerleader goodie bags. These items can create excitement and break the monotony of the cheerleading season.

Sunglasses and Bandanas: Keep your team looking cool with sunglasses and bandanas in your team’s colors. These items can be easily found at affordable prices.

Nail Polish and Makeup: Add some girly fun to your cheerleader goodie bags with nail polish and makeup in your team’s colors. These can be used before games and competitions to help your team stand out.

Champagne Bottles and Mini Bottles of Sparkling Cider: Celebrate your team’s achievements with champagne bottles or mini bottles of sparkling cider in your team’s colors. These can be a unique and fun way to celebrate wins and achievements.

Candy, Gum, and Snacks in Cheerleading Colors: Keep it simple and include candy, gum, and snacks in your team’s colors. These items can be found at any candy store and can be an affordable way to add some sweetness to your cheerleader goodie bags.


1. How much should I budget for cheerleader goodie bags?

The cost of your cheerleader goodie bags will depend on the number of items you include and the level of personalization. You can choose affordable items like hair ties and lip balm or opt for personalized t-shirts and backpacks. Plan your budget based on the number of cheerleaders you have and what items best suit your team’s needs.

2. Can I make my own cheerleader goodie bags?

Yes, you can make your own cheerleader goodie bags using affordable materials and free online templates. You can DIY pom-poms and megaphones, printable name tags, and water bottle labels, homemade snacks, and many more.

3. What are some creative cheer goodie bag sayings?

Some creative cheer goodie bag sayings include “Go team!”, “Cheer with pride!”, “Spread the cheer!”, “We got spirit!”, and “Let’s win this!”. You can also include motivational quotes or rhymes that relate to your team’s name or colors.

4. Are there any rules or regulations regarding cheerleader goodie bags?

Each school or cheerleading association may have specific rules or regulations regarding cheerleader goodie bags. Be sure to check with your coach or administration before purchasing or creating goodie bags to make sure they meet the requirements.

5. What are some good cheer snack ideas?

Some good cheer snack ideas include fruits, vegetables, granola bars, nuts, trail mix, small sandwiches, and cheese sticks. It’s essential to choose snacks that are nourishing, easy to eat, and won’t affect your cheerleaders’ performance. Also, be sure to avoid snacks that may cause allergic reactions in any team members.

10 Creative Cheerleader Goodie Bag Ideas to Wow Your Squad! (2024)
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