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Stilus Lingua added Finnish to Estonian translation to its range of translation services.


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For Customers

or what You should know about translation.
Our translators are specialized in translating into their native language. This guarantees the best possible use of language and understanding among the target audience.

In ordering or preparing a translation job, it is important to take into account the time it takes to translate and / or prepare your material (converting image and PDF documents into translatable text format) or post-translation processing, if needed, (restoring specific source format, doing layout). One translator translates an average of 2,000 words per day. However, sometimes translation speed may be a little lower for highly specific texts. Sometimes it may be necessary to assist us during the translation process by explaining the meaning of some term or abbreviation or detailing the operation of a device. This is a natural part of the translation process, as in spite of long experience and a large base of skills, the translator can not always be familiar with all life and science fields in depth.


Translation services
At the moment we offer only written translation. Normal translation speed is 2,000 words per day. For every translation project we offer a specific time frame and deadline.

Proofreading and editing of previously translated texts. Includes QA and the linguistic check and /or editing of the content.

Subject fields:
Software, localization
Food industry
Machinery, engineering
Online Poker and Casino software

File types:
We accept all the commonly used (MS Office, Open Office) formats, plus we can handle approximately twenty different special file formats, including mif, resx, exe, dll, rc, dlg, ocx, cpl, scr, nls, mc, html, htm, xtg, xml, sgml, sgm, properties, tex, ini, inx, msi, po, resx, txf, etc. In general, the applicability of the file type should be checked beforehand. The delivery format for files is the same as the source format; i.e., exe remains as exe etc.

The price of a translation depends on the volume of the text, the number of repetitions and the selected language pairs, plus the costs for additional services like layout. It is always advisable to ask for a free quote.

Minimum charge:
We do not apply minimum charge requirement for Estonian customers. For customers outside Estonia, the minimum charge for a translation job is 20 Euros*.

* Minimum charge depends on the country and banking fees.
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