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Stilus Lingua added Finnish to Estonian translation to its range of translation services.


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or what you should know about translation.
Our translators are specialized in translating into their native language. This guarantees the best possible use of language and understanding among the target audience.

In ordering or preparing a translation job, it is important to take into account the time it takes to translate and / or prepare your material (converting image and PDF documents into translatable text format) or post-translation processing, if needed, (restoring specific source format, doing layout). One translator translates an average of 2,000 words per day. However, sometimes translation speed may be a little lower for highly specific texts. Sometimes it may be necessary to assist us during the translation process by explaining the meaning of some term or abbreviation or detailing the operation of a device. This is a natural part of the translation process, as in spite of long experience and a large base of skills, the translator can not always be familiar with all life and science fields in depth.

Language pairs
At this moment we have three main language pairs: English to Estonian, German to Estonian and Finnish to Estonian. Besides our main pairs, we offer also Danish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and Swedish translation services. These are the pairs we are capable of offering instantly, although, thanks to our wide international co-operation network, we can offer you other pairs as well.

Quality assurance
Translation quality has become a burning issue nowadays. Probably we all have seen translations that make you want to tear your hair out.

Our basic quality control process consists of two steps, and it is applied for all the translation jobs:
  • Spell-check
  • Proofreading

Experience shows that this is generally sufficient to prevent major errors.

Translation memory
A translation memory is a database file which contains source text and translated text. If your business model requires translating many similar texts, a translation memory is an essential tool for ensuring consistency of the translation, as well as reducing translation expenses and the time of the translation process. A translation memory is created during the regular translation process; it can be maintained separately and used again when similar texts need to be translated. A translation memory can be an indispensable tool for translating similar manuals. A translation memory is usually kept in the translator's computer, but we can also give you a copy of it.

All of our customer relations are confidential. We will not disclose your information or translation materials or content to any third party or maintain any of the translated material more than 60 days, except for the translation memories. We do not collect or process any data, except for the amount necessary for normal customer relations and to ensure smooth operation and communication.
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